When neutrals don’t feel natural to you and clean lines aren’t your focus, it’s time to take leave from interior design norm

s. We hear you, so today we’re going cuckoo for colour and outlandish decor. We’ll be taking a trip to an extraordinary boutique hotel in Germany, where colour and art pieces create a spectacular union of whimsy and wonder. Next we’ll go home to a bright neoclassical studio apartment that’s characterised by blue colour blocked boiserie, coral clashes and acid yellow accents. Finally we’ll round up our celebration of colour and creativity with a cool modern open plan space, where artfully curated pieces vibe against a desaturated backdrop.

Visualizer: Art Group by Vasilkova Dar  

Our first colourful interior design is the Boutique Hotel Holst, located in the centre of the resort town Baden-Baden, Germany. Situated close to the Festspielhaus, this upmarket 9 suite hotel offers its discerning guests a perfect theatrical accompaniment. Bespoke furniture brings bursts of contrasting colour and exciting silhouettes to the rooms, from a hot pink accent chair to a sleek round coffee table.

Each of the 9 hotel suites have an individual design concept. Suite “Soviet Sport” features an amazing art piece that circles the ceiling before trailing the wall to the ground, and ending up as part of a round rug. Plain walls and a small sofa provide a clean gallery white backdrop for the piece. An interesting yet understated floor lamp design serves dual purpose as a side table.

Holst is a Russian word, meaning the artist’s canvas, and Holst hotel will become a venue for contemporary art exhibitions. The intent of the interior design here is to surprise–even the indoor plants are given eye-catching planters.

Almost all furniture items at Holst are custom created to complement the room themes, and to be independent objects of design. A racetrack shaped dining table is brought to life with a stunning array of decorative tiles and lustrous gold edging.

A decorative wall mirror brightens the entryway with a multicolour textile frame. A fabulously unique green closet is printed with a quirky kayaker on a crocodile motif.

The crocodile closet is actually part of an eccentric 4 poster bed design, which features built-in lighting, chargers, and audio speakers.

Colourful tiles and mobile elements create layers from top to toe. Bedside table lamps sport different coloured finishes to keep the eye moving.

Fuchsia birds fly at the decoratively framed window.

Golden pendants create a sculptural installation.

Small side tables take the golden hue to a compact lounge area.

Monochrome Russian nesting dolls line up a welcome party in the entryway.

Sculpted posts hold up a pink 4 poster bed frame in this art saturated space.

A stunning rug spills freeform colour across the floor.

The crimson modular sofa inspires a red glass pendant light.

Red flowering plants complement the colour theme.

Graffiti art is represented on the concrete vanity, which is accessorised with a shocking pink faucet.

Inside the bathroom, fish and swimmer printed tiles fashion a unique border of interest.

A cylindrical pink shower design is complemented by an illuminated porthole window, which resembles a James Turrell light art piece.

Broken tile fragments form mosaics inside of a fitted shower design.

A purple toilet tucks into the nook left over by the built-in shower cubicle. A unique bathroom sink fits in under the window. See more inspiration for purple and pink interior design.

Old French newspapers wallpaper a pink bathroom.

The cylindrical shower design returns under a turquoise finish in this suite.

The use of shattered tiles represents sustainability, along with the carpets and textile objects that are made of old clothes.

Visualizer: Maria Soroka  

Our second tour is a colourful neoclassical living space with a bright blue rug and contrasting coral throw pillows over a tame grey tufted sofa.

A houndstooth accent pillow and a Bauhaus chess set add monochrome elements to the arrangement. The larger of the nesting coffee tables is used to spread out a selection of coffee table books.

The houndstooth motif also upholsters a striking lounge chair, but this time under a dazzling acid yellow colourway.

Elements of regular decor are used to balance out the more eccentric choices, like the stylish but standard floating tv stand mounted against a meld of marbled gypsum and cornflower blue boiserie.

Bright yellow boiserie shakes up the blue bedroom scheme.

Modern dining chairs introduce flashes of red around a black dining table.

The dining room chandelier hangs from an eye catching ceiling rose.

Bright yellow wall tiles frame a matte and gloss grey kitchen design.

A simple console table is quirkily adorned with a red trumpet, which creates lively contrast with the blue entryway wall.

Visualizer: Vladimir Vasyuk  

Our final tour is a bright rental apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, where an unusual pink, red and purple sofa design follows the edge of a solid yellow rug.

Behind the channel tufted sofa, monochrome art decorates subdued grey and white walls.

A minimalist floor lamp disappears amongst the more colourful pieces in the space.

Desaturated floors leave gaps in which the eye can rest.

The open plan layout creates a colourful living room dining room combo.

A mini dining room pendant light drops an attention grabbing yellow accent over a stunning black and white striped table design. See more dining pendant lights.

The black and white dining table clash inspires the palette for an attached kitchen.

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