We’ve have often discussed with our peers about choosing a job that we’ll love so it doesn’t feel like life is a hard day at work, right? At some point in life we realize that it is merely words, and not even a handful of our peers follow it...

Earlier we lived in a life when finding happiness was an endless routine. We were told to score well in our 10th board exams and life after that will be smooth. Then, we were told to perform well in our 12th board exams so that we enter a good university for our graduations. And, just when we were graduating, we had the pressure of landing a well-paying job to enjoy a beautiful life. And, what happens when we land in a beautiful job? We struggle with the pressure of managing our personal life with work life, and oftentimes, it’s our work life that we devote all of our time to.

However, if you look around you now, the millennials seem to have stopped this trend of finding happiness by satisfying the blueprint that our society has laid out for us. They find their ways to step out of this rut and do something in their lives that they are genuinely proud of.

We’re bringing to you the story of one such millennial, Preethi, a beautiful young girl from Mumbai—the city of dreams,.
Preethi’s Realisation
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Popularly known by her Instagram handle, peppytravelgirl, Preethi found herself stuck in the web of a 9-to-5 job which had become a routine for her. Ambitious, wanted to have a well-paying job, be an independent individual, and save enough to meet all her future needs — she was a normal girl like many of us.

We have all followed this way of life. We do what’s expected of us, and we tend to ignore the small joys of life that really matter to us, right? For nearly four years, even Preethi did the same— her life was limited to her cubicle in which she sat at her office. One fine day, on her way back home after work, she noticed who she was stuck at one particular junction of traffic every single day. This observation made her realize that even in her life, she was like the traffic at that junction — stuck. This was the turning point for her. This realization laid the foundation for the adventures that awaited her in life.
Solo Trip To Puducherry
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Finally, she decided that she needed a break and decided to do a solo trip to Puducherry, also known as Pondicherry. She says that she didn’t waste a single minute longer. She convinced her parents, who were apprehensive, and set off to Pondicherry. Her parents let her go, because they saw how desperate she was to set herself free.

Describing her trip to Pondy, her first ever solo trip, she says that she had rented a bike for sightseeing. To to her bad luck, the bike toppled and she fell and hurt her leg. The locals there rushed her to the nearest hospital. And, she had to spend the rest of her trip in her hotel bed. She says that it still kept her happy.
The Trip That Transformed Her
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Once she was back from Pondicherry, Preethi started saving up for a trip to Eastern Europe for her birthday. She says that her first stop was Hungary. She recollects how while sitting at the reception she met a bunch of drunk people, who were who seemed to know each other for ages and were having a fun time. They sat beside her and started talking, it’s only then did she realize that they had only met the previous day. She spent the next day traveling with them. Her next stops were at Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague respectively. And as cliche as it may seem, she returned home a different person!

After coming back, wanderlust-struck that she was, she told her parents that she has decided to quit her job and take a break. She used her savings to plan the rest of her trips and even created a blog for herself. And, fate seemed to favor her as she won a contest that allowed her to travel across India and anchor her travel show on national television. Now, how cool is that? She says that she just needed some faith to start living the life she wanted to.
She Is Aware Of The Real Picture As Well
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Preethi feels the insecurities of not having a steady paycheck, but all that seems to be salvaged by her thirst to have an adventure each day. She says that now it’s almost been a year since she’s become a full-time traveler. She says that there have been days when she’s unsure if she’ll get an income for the next few days to handle her expenses. She says that there’s no permanent cushioning in a traveler’s world. However, that’s totally fine with her, because when she’s sitting gasping at the beauty of the places in her journey, she feels her life is complete and nothing else matters.

It sure does take great courage to follow your true calling, and Preethi found the heart to do it. If she can, so can we, don’t you think? Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the little joys in life that we’ve been ignoring. Be you. And be happy!

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