The Best in Affordable Style from the Month that Was – July 2019

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A wise man once asked: “What the hell just happened?” And for good reason. There is value in looking back. It gives us all a good gauge as to what is good, and more importantly, what is not good, going forward. Sure, the “clip show” is mostly a cheap (affordable?) device to create new content out of already published stuff. But it’s also a good way to catch up in case you missed something. So cue the flashback music. Here’s the very best from the month that was…

Best Sale: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

An annual event that’s pretty fun to look forward to. It’s over now, and prices have gone back up, but it was something. Everything from higher-end designers to really solid in-house goods exclusive to Nordstrom.

Second Best Sale: Bonobos 30% off Everything

And the silver medal goes to Bonobos, who ran a 30% off site-wide sale, that even bumped up to 35% off at one point. Suitsupply’s Outlet and Amazon Prime Day also happened in July, and those were pretty fun too, but Bonobos takes 2nd place here on the style front.

Best Individual Item Deal: Bonobos Lightweight Chinos – $35 exp ($78)

Expired now, but was eye popping at the time. Along with the big 30% off everything sale, Bonobos also ran an extra FORTY percent off sale items later on last month. And the sale section was nicely equipped at the time too. That extra cut dropped their lightweight stretch chinos to thirty five bucks. For Bonobos. Bonobos at Dockers prices. Shown above is the “Tahoe Blue” color in a 34×30 athletic fit on 5’10” / 200lbs.

Second Best Item Deal: Invicta Pro Automatic – $56 exp ($85)

Also expired. A highlight from Prime Day. Usually around $85. Secret Agent looks on a cubicle worker’s budget. Good feel and solid, 200m water resistance too. Nice stainless steel band and case. Automatic movement. Exhibition case back. 40mm case dial hits the sweet spot for most. Also looks great on a rubber/silicone or leather strap. High end Swiss watch makers? They should subsidize Invicta’s production of this particular watch. This son-of-a-gun is a gateway drug if there ever was one.

Most Patriotic Post: All Made in the USA for the 4th

Because NOTHING is more American than co-opting Independence Day in the sake of internet content. Actually, I can think of a lot more things that are more American, but, well, let’s stick to the commercialism. At least it’s domestic based though, amiright?? This was surprisingly easy to put together this year. Hasn’t always been so. So, that’s nice to see. Thanks Flint & Tinder!

Most unexpected place for good lighting: A boiler room

Taking pictures of… things… is harder than you might think. Capturing what something truly looks like, in person, on “film” can be challenging. Especially where color, texture, etc. is concerned (as is often the case in clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.) It’s incredibly frustrating to be excited about a thing, and then the thing shows up, AND IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE IT DID ONLINE. I’m with you there. I hear you. Happens to me too. So lighting can make or break a shoot. But who knew that some great lighting exists inside of boiler rooms?? I didn’t. Thankfully, our man Adam did.

Most Seasonally Instructional Post: How to wear bold print shorts

It’s easier than you think, because the rest of your outfit should be dead simple! Unless you’re gonna go full Magnum PI and rock the print on print look. And if you do, good on ya. And don’t forget your Detroit Tigers ballcap.

Most Welcome Return: Chinos Chukkas Polo Series!

If nothing else, it instigated someone on Facebook to accuse me of “trying to make chukkas happen.” Which is one of the dumber things I’ve ever read. Lordy I wish I had that kind of influence.

Most regularly asked question: Why no faces?

This gets asked with some regularity, and was asked again over social media this month. There’s also a separate, somewhat similar discussion going on over on Dappered Threads. I can’t speak for other sites or individuals, but here’s why there will never be faces on Dappered: most mannequins don’t have faces. Why don’t mannequins have faces? Because humans have a TON of biases, and I appreciate you subconsciously giving me the benefit of the doubt! (Yes, I know the tattoos aren’t helping here but I’m older and I care less than I used to. Sorry.) Also, modeling from the neck up is hard. A lot can go wrong, and taking pictures from the neck down is already a pain in the butt. So, no faces is a hell of a lot easier. Faces can also lead to a temptation to write for the “personality” on display, instead of writing for you the readers. It would slowly become about “Joe,” instead of the shirt. Or the shoes. Or whatever. And that’s an ugly crutch to lean on. “Here’s what I wore to XYZ event which ASDF corporation flew me out to on their dime!” Gag me with a garden spade. You don’t care. I don’t care. We’re not Kardashians. We’re not Logan Paul. And I think that’s a really, really good thing that I’m highly protective of. Thanks for understanding and respecting that.

Most Uncomfortable Discussion: I’ll give you $ if you show me your underwear

Me, to not just one but TWO contributors last month: “Hey, so, how about you take pictures of your underwear, you send them to me, and I’ll pay you for it? Cool?” … “Yeah cool!”

Best Buckets: These Two.

Classic. Timeless. Able to withstand and resist the ebbs and flows of bucket trends in favor of the rock solid dependability that is pure bucket style. Third bucket to the right is more of a pail, and while the dark shade is highly attractive and much, much more effective at not showing cosmetic blemishes like buckets one and two, pail has given way to some unknown force of which it winced under the pressure of. Perhaps they just don’t make pails like they used to. But buckets? Buckets gonna bucket, man. Yeah. Buckets.

Best home decor item: Groot & Rocket Planters – $34

Your air plants and succulent want some of this action. Looks like the Etsy shop that sells them is running low, but the artist makes them by hand and they’re best sellers, so I have the feeling they won’t disappear forever. Sold by RedwoodStoneworks. More Dappered Space goodness can be found here.

Best Suggestion: Books from The Weekend Reset

I recently dove into two of Tim’s recent suggestions in the Weekend Reset (Catch-22 and In Cold Blood). Absolutely loved both. I couldn’t put down In Cold Blood, and that never happens to me. I’m hardly a bookworm. I wish I was. Maybe I’m on my way to becoming one, and these are helping.

Biggest challenger to the White Sneaker Throne? adidas Continental 80

I’m still a Stan Smith man myself, but Jason made a hell of an argument over here for the adidas Continental 80. I think for me, personally, it’s the toe tops. Not quite my deal. I think they remind me too much of the 1980s.

Most accurate representation of Joe’s work life: MS Paint “Selfie”

You BET I still use MS Paint for a lot of graphics work on Dappered. Sadly, my keyboard (yes, that’s a keyboard @bisonwich) doesn’t levitate. And neither does our orange cat, Captain Cookster. He is not part hovercraft. At least, not that I know of.

Most anticipated upcoming “event”: FALL

You bet your sweet patoot I’m a fan of fall. I’m insufferable about it, and I don’t care. Can’t. Wait.

Feeling Nostalgic? Here’s the archive containing previous editions of Best of the Month that Was.
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