The 5 Best Varidesk Alternatives and Competitor


If you are in the market for a standing desk, there is a good chance you have heard of the brand, Varidesk. It is without question the most recognizable name in the industry, thanks to their massive spending on TV advertisements.  While their marketing tactics are top notch, their product line isn’t quite at the same level. From limited height settings, to an awkward height adjustment up and outward, the product itself could use an update. Fortunately their ad spend has raised awareness within the standing desk converter category, helping to launch many improved models by competing brands. Today we will be introducing you to those brands, ultimately letting you decide which are the best alternatives to the Varidesk. (See our in-depth review of the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 here)
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The Best VariDesk Alternatives
1. VertDesk Converter – Best Z-Lift VariDesk Alternative
2. Flexispot M2 35″ – Best X-Lift VariDesk Alternative
3. Ergotron WorkFit-T – Best Ergonomic VariDesk Alternative
4. Duke Platform – Best Post & Base VariDesk Alternative
5. The VertDesk v3 – Best Electric VariDesk Alternative
1. The VertDesk Converter

VertDesk Converter Price: $319.00 + Free Shipping
Full Review: The VertDesk Converter Review
Varidesk Comparison: VertDesk Converter vs. Varidesk Pro Plus
VertDesk Converter vs. VariDesk Pro Plus Summary Pros:
Lower Price
More Stable At Standing Height
Infinite Height Adjustments
Better Build Quality
Tilt Adjustable Keyboard Tray
Smaller Keyboard Tray
VertDesk Converter Summary
Our first alternative, The VertDesk Converter, uses a similar Z-lift mechanism for height adjustment as found on the VariDesk. While they are similar, the VertDesk Converter has made improvements on this function, with a less of an outward position when fully raised. The lifting mechanism on The VertDesk Converter is also more user friendly system, with a gas cylinder that allows for infinite stopping positions. The VariDesk spring system will only provide 11 predetermined height positions. When the VertDesk Converter has been locked into a height position, there isn’t any play up or down. The VariDesk has an inconsistent locking system that doesn’t always hold, with some play up/down even after it’s been locked into a height position.

If stability is a big concern, the VertDesk Converter is one of the most stable standing desk converters we have tested. The VariDesk on the other hand was one of the least stable when positioned at standing height. The VertDesk Converter will have a smaller keyboard platform. While the keyboard platform on the VariDesk is larger, the cutout reduces its usable space. The VertDesk Converter is a good cost saving alternative, retailing for about $100 less than VariDesk.

2. The Flexispot ClassicRiser M2 35″

Flexispot M2 35″ Price: $279.99 + Free Shipping
Full Review: Flexispot M2 35″ Review
Varidesk Comparison: Flexispot M2 35″ vs. Varidesk Pro Plus

FlexiSpot M2 35″ vs. VariDesk Pro Plus Summary Pros:
Lower Price
More Stable At Standing Height
More Task Area
User Friendly Keyboard Space
Less Forgiving Return Policy
Requires Assembly
Flexispot m2 35″ Summary
The FlexiSpot M2 35″ is very similar in design to Varidesk; however, they have improved the height adjustment function. Instead of being an up and out motion, it moves straight up or down. This reduces the amount of space required to utilize the standing portion of the desk. It also eliminates some of the instability found, while the upper portion of a Varidesk is so far forward. The price for the M2 is almost $100 less, which makes it a great cost saving alternative. Unfortunately, the Flexispot M2 is limited with its adjustment range, with only 13.75” and 15 predetermined height positions. Similar to the Varidesk, the Flexispot M2 requires the use of an additional monitor arm to provide proper dual ergonomics.

3. The Ergotron WorkFit-T

Ergotron WorkFit-T Price: $389.00 + Free Shipping
Full Review: Ergotron WorkFit-T Review
Varidesk Comparison: Ergotron WorkFit-T vs. Varidesk Pro Plus
Ergotron WorkFit-T vs. VariDesk Pro Plus Summary Pros:
Larger Height Adjustment Range
More Stable At Standing Height
20 Height Adjustment Options
Better Build Quality
Small Keyboard Tray
Ergotron WorkFit-T Summary
The WorkFit-T ships fully assembled and rests on top of your desk without any mounting required. Similar to the Flexispot M2, the WorkFit-T has improved the height adjustment motion, moving straight up and down. An intuitive counter balance system allows the user to quickly find any height setting within its 15” adjustment range. Optional monitor arms are available to provide proper dual ergonomics for comfortable computing.
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4. The Duke

Duke Price: $499.00 and up + Free Shipping
Full Review: BTOD Duke Vesa Review
Varidesk Comparison: Duke Vesa vs. Varidesk Pro Plus
Duke VESA vs. VariDesk Pro Plus Summary Pros:
Dual Ergonomics
More Stable At Standing Height
Larger Adjustment Range
Infinite Height Adjustments
Better Build Quality
Higher Price
Small Keyboard Tray
Requires Assembly
Duke Summary
The Duke VESA, by BTOD, utilizes a post and base system, with gas cylinders to assist with height adjustments. The easiest in its class to move up and down, the Duke will raise 17” above the desk surface. Dual ergonomics are achieved with an adjustable upper shelf system that will allow up to two monitors or a monitor/laptop setup. While the Duke is more compact than the 5100 and WorkFit-T, it also has less space available for writing tasks. Making monitor height adjustments on the Duke can be a bit cumbersome at first; however, after a few adjustments it becomes more fluid. The Duke requires assembly, which takes 15-30 minutes depending on your skill level.

5. The VertDesk v3


VertDesk v3 Price: $517.99 and up + Free Shipping
Full Review: The VertDesk v3 Review
VertDesk v3 vs. VariDesk Pro Plus Summary Pros:
More Stable At All Heights
Easier To Use
Larger Adjustment Range
Infinite Height Adjustments
Better Build Quality
More Task and Keyboard Space
Larger Lifting Capacity
More Color Options
Higher Price
Requires Assembly
VertDesk v3 Summary
The VertDesk v3 is a fully electric standing desk, simply push the up button to move your entire desk to a standing height. This is a great alternative for customers who have a lot of items they want to use while standing. Having important items like a phone or notepad at standing height will prevent awkward reaching typically found with small converters. The VertDesk v3 has a standard height adjustment range from 27″ to 47.5″ and a lifting capacity of 275 lbs. Assembly will require 30-90 minutes depending on your skill level.
Final Thoughts
Finding the best Varidesk alternative will mostly depend on your individual needs. For shorter users, the Varidesk most likely will not go low enough; however, others might find its lowest height to be the perfect fit. Users that are confined to a small cubicle or small office, will likely require the up and down height adjustment that all of our alternatives provide. This design will also provide a much more stable desk at standing height. No matter what your needs may be, there are plenty of alternatives available in 2017 if the Varidesk is just not the right fit.

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