One of the worst things that can happen when you go out for drinks with friends or coworkers is a hangover

Your head is throbbing, your stomach is turning upside down, and your body is tired from dancing and partying all night.

The overall effect of too much alcohol varies from person to person, but the trouble lies in having to show up for work the next morning.

Is there a way to have fun the night before, escape or survive hangover, and show up fine and energetic like a good employee should?

Get Help from Supplements

The world has yet to find a cure for the unpleasant situation that arises because of excessive alcohol consumption. But some supplements can address or improve the morning-after scenario.

An example is a hangover pill. It contains formulation to help how the body handles alcohol. The result is clearness in the head, vitality, and energy for the next day. The hangover pill is often taken together with the alcohol drink. For proper usage and dosage, check the box. Make sure you are 21 years old.

Drink Lots of Water

Water in between alcoholic drinks lessens the chances of dehydration, whose common symptoms, according to the National Headache Foundation, include headache, fatigue, and dizziness. Alcohol is a diuretic, and this explains why you go to the restroom several times during the drinking session. Switching to smaller glasses like shots won’t matter that much because the diuretic element of the drink remains. Continue to drink lots of water afterward to cleanse your body.

Mix Drinks or Monitor

Is it beer before liquor or the reverse? Are you staging yourself for the worst hangover when you mix alcoholic drinks? Interestingly, headaches and the like are caused by the alcoholic content of the beverage and the rate of the intake. The body has a threshold for the number of drinks per hour, as measured by BAC, or blood alcohol concentration or content.

Consequently, mixing different kinds of drinks won’t necessarily stack up to a higher level of alcohol in the body. However, it’s easier to manage the consumption when you stick to one beverage and know its ingredients. For instance, the liquor may contain congeners or impurities that have a role in hangovers.


Try to wake up earlier than usual so that you can go for a short walk. The act will clear your head, letting in fresh oxygen to the bloodstream. It’s an exercise that is mild for the body; doing intense workouts in such a physical state will result in more sweating and dehydration.

The effect of a stroll is also psychological as you naturally feel better and recover from the nagging feeling that you should have just stayed at home. With remorse dealt with, you can face the workday and focus on what’s at hand.

Choose Your Breakfast

Alcohol diminishes minerals and vitamins. The following foods may be able to restore the nutrients, alleviate signs of a hangover, and help you get to work:
Bananas and avocado offer potassium, an essential mineral that helps your body function properly. Eggs and meat provide vitamin A. Chicken and beef are also rich in protein, which is broken down into amino acids that can reduce intoxication. Watermelon has high water content to hydrate the body. Crackers raise blood sugar and ease symptoms of nausea. Plus, they are light to eat if you have an upset stomach. Nuts contain magnesium, which helps regulate sleep.
As any health professional will say, eat any of those foods in moderation.

Have a Cup of Coffee or Tea

Either beverage will perk up your mood in the office. Tea has antioxidants, which fight the effects of alcohol. Coffee, on the other hand, has compounds that seem to reduce inflammation, which is what hangover is. Both tea and coffee have cleansing properties that keep the digestive tract healthy.

Sip your daily cup and no more. Coffee is a known diuretic, and you have to be careful not to worsen dehydration.

Learn to Say No

Your popularity rating will take a hit if you occasionally say no to your officemates’ invitations for drinks. Prepare to receive comments like being straightlaced or boring. However, it’s better to be unpopular than to nurse a pulsating headache in your cubicle.

Hangovers can kill productivity, impair decision-making skills, and make you experience different sensations that are hardly wonderful. Unless you’ve learned the art of holding your drink, stay on the sidelines, or party when there’s no work the next day.

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