Mindful Glamour: A simple, yet effective closet cleansing ritual

Let me paint a little picture for you. You’re sitting there at your cubicle desk, mindlessly drifting off to random thoughts. All of a sudden, you remember watching the move ‘The Secret’ and you’re reminded how the law of attraction works. You instantly think, if you can visualize what you want, you can call it into your life. So, you begin to daydream about your beautiful future. There you are, you’re dreaming of purchasing your very first luxury car. A brand new Mercedes. You can visualize the color, the interior finishes and even how it smells. You picture yourself confidently walking into the dealership, smiling at the sales people eyeing you and you’re feeing fabulous. The important question you MUST ask yourself here…..what am I wearing? This is where a lot of people get tripped up on their vision board.

What you are wearing says so much about the energy you bring to your life, especially your manifestations. I’m your dream life, would you be kicking it in yoga pants with sweaty hair? Hell no. You’re going to wear your most fabulous outfit of the moment so you feel confident, chic and in control. You want to feel your best. That’s how you manifest it in the first place. Being in the energy of “having it all”. So, what you wear is hands down one of the most important things in your life! As they say, DRESS FOR THE LIFE/JOB/RELATIONSHIP YOU WANT !

I am not really a fashionista but I know the importance of dressing up for my dreams. I don’t splurge on the latest designer duds but I certainly take care of my clothes and wear beautiful robes and pajamas even when I am lounging. What you wear expresses your internal energy out into the world (this is another reason why I began designing spiritual crystal jewelry, its my favorite way to adorn my style).

HERE IS WHAT I KNOW ABOUT YOUR STYLE….it’s not going to be at its highest potential when your closet is a mess.

I decided to write this post because I want to inspire you with how I personally do a good closet cleanse and what I have recently experienced with my latest cleanse. This time, I decided to use my Feng Shui knowledge and apply it specifically to my closet, for a few reasons. One, I’ve been wanting to manifest a fashion stylist who I really like, into my life because I really feel its time for me to step up my style game. Two, I’ve been noticing that my clothes are full of clothes for my younger, more social self. How I live and socialize as a mom, a girlfriend, a jewelry designer, calls for a completely different look that I had going even just a year ago. Three, my love and I share a closet and its overflowing which has been stressing us the eff out. I knew if I wanted to raise the energy in our bedroom, a closet cleanse was in order.
GLAM SHUI: 24 hours prior to your closet cleanse, gather any and all crystals you have, place them in a bowl and put them in the center of your closet. Let them sleep overnight. The crystals will pull out all of the negative and stagnant energy that does not belong and help the items move on. The next morning, grab the bowl and place your crystals outside for a few hours, allowing the crystals to cleanse their energy in the fresh air and sunshine.
Next, begin laying out the Feng Shui bagua for the closet. You can download my guide to help you here. You use each corner of the map as a guide for what color to use in that area, what crystals you can use to enhance or protect the energy and perhaps see what should be organized where. To get specific I will share an example. In the family area we have wall hooks, so we put up all of our hats and fun bags we use for family outings and activities. In the Fame area, we have a shelf where we can display our luxurious boxes and photos of who we want to be seen as. It’s a great place to put a vision/inspiration board. In our creativity area I have drawers for my favorite accessories that I can use to style my outfits. Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect, work with what you’ve got, intention is the key here. Doing this Feng Shui mapping, helps to get the energy flow (chi) up to its highest vibration. You want the vibes to be absolutely delightful in your closet.

DECLUTTER: I went through each and every piece of clothing in the closet. I held it, sat with it, thought about whether it was a representation of the woman I envision myself as. Here are a few questions to ask yourself….

Does this fit me properly? Am I willing to invest in tailoring if not?

Is this old, outdated or a connection to any toxic/draining memories?

Does this need repair? If so, am I willing to spend the time and money on repairing it?

Does this color flatter me? Does the fit complement my body type?

Am I holding onto anything because I have hang ups about money or wasting money?

It’s important to really pay attention to your emotional experience of this because your emotions will always tell you deeper things. I recommend doing this work with a Malachite crystal, which is a crystal of fluid transformation, it will help you let things go and be at peace with your emotions.


🦋 clothes that don’t fit you well or don’t make you feel your best. You can keep a few “skinny jeans” but So long frumpy.

🦋 clothes with negative or toxic memories attached to them. Let go of that energetic tie, it will lighten you up.

🦋 Anything you have been meaning to get “repaired” but it’s been sitting in your closet for over 4 months. This re-enforces your lack of following through, so eliminate that “energetic vibe” from your home. Pay attention to what you tolerate.

🦋 Any and all damaged shoes, old bras, work out wear, handbags, etc. Take them to get repaired or tailored, if it isn’t worth it...throw it out.

🦋 Ask your self “does this (dress, shirt, pair of shoes,) serve as a reflection of the woman that I truly want to be?” If you don’t absolutely love it, it’s just emotional clutter and you need to let it go so you can flourish and fly.

ORGANIZE: You’ll want to organize everything you are getting rid of. Make a bag for things going to a resale shop, and another one for what you can take to Goodwill. Perhaps you want to sell things on Facebook marketplace, make a pile for that. You could also opt to have a closet party and give your clothes to friends, too.

With the remainder of your clothes, you don’t have to organize it to a specific science but you MUST organize it in a way that feels good to you. I personally love to organize my clothes by category and then color. Tank tops, short sleeves, long sleeve, long dresses, short dresses, you get the idea. I like to keep my accessories in organized drawers underneath my closet. I still have no trick for my shoes but I am working on it.

The point of a good organization is that when you go to get dressed for the day, you have a good idea of where everything is. You want to be able to get dressed quickly and confidently and you want your clothes to be clean and cared for. They need to be wrinkle free and ready to wear. Having an organized closet will do wonders for your confidence.

CLEANSE. Now that everything is cleared out, it is time to add some woo-woo magic. First, I highly suggest you sage the closet, this helps to smudge out all the stagnant and stuffy energy. Then add the appropriate crystals. Crystals totally change up the energy in your home. They are like magic little elixirs for your environment.

SELENITE is the ultimate cleansing crystal. If you place selenite in your closet, it will energetically keep the energy of your clothes clean and clear and will renew and refresh things on the regular. You’ll notice that dense energy accumulates most in a closet because of the filled corners and closed boxes. It could be draining the entire home, so make sure you bring in some selenite. I have placed small selenite stones in all the dark corners (especially near my grandmas vintage Chanel bags).

I also place ROSE QUARTZ crystals in my lingerie drawer. You will want to pull in all the love and self love energy in toward your most intimate clothing. I also spray a rose quartz aromatherapy mist on my intimates, too.

BLOOD STONE and GOLD STONE are really great for placing near your work out gear. These stones activate and invigorate your ambition, energy and passion. It’s a fantastic stone if you are looking to get your workouts back up.

I literally wear a CITRINE bracelet every time I do anything for work. It’s the ultimate success stone and its fabulous to pair with anything you wear while you’re going after your goals. HOT TIP: If you or your man wear suits, place a small citrine in a suit or jacket pocket.

If it’s possible, you will want to add a full length mirror to your closet. Not only will the mirror bounce around light energy, you want to be able to see your entire look from head to toe before you leave the house.

Now that you’ve got your closet cleansed and high vibe……hire a wardrobe consultant or stylist to help you create a new look for yourself. When you elevate your game like this, MAGIC happens in your life and your business. So, get to it sister. Happy Weekend, beauties!

P.S. Have you cleansed or decluttered your closet recently? Share your tips and tricks with me in the comments. I’d love to know what you’re finding to be effective. Share your wisdom with us!


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