How to Create a Productive Office Space

Make your office a productive place where you can work and feel positive at the same time!

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A tidy workplace is a productive one. It is human nature to work efficiently in harmony where the conditions are optimal. But, how do we make the workplace conditions flawless? If this boosts your curiosity levels, stick around as we are here with some best solutions to answer this question.

Closed Cubicles

Closed cubicles or offices are one of the major contributing factors which increase the productivity levels of a business or a company. These cubicles come under the category of a productive workspace. It is a fact that we humans do not tend to work best when we are under pressure or constant surveillance. Same is with the office space. In the early days, when there was no concept of office cubicles, people worked on the same kinds of desks they studied in their schools. They had the same classroom row and column system with their supervisor hovering over them, just like the teachers in schools. This method was widely used in offices as they could not think of any other better option until they did. When employees are being looked at regularly while doing work, they feel a sense of being judged by their supervisor every moment. This makes them nervous, and they start to work under pressure. It eventually leads their work resulting in a satisfactory amount of productivity. To counter this situation, people came up with the idea of a cubicle. A cubicle provides a feeling of privacy, ownership, freedom, and cosiness. All these three factors result in a worker providing their best in the workplace. These kinds of methods are usually best for companies that provide their services while writing resumes on a professional level, such as ResumeThatWorks.

Create Opportunities For Movement

Hours and hours of working can make you a little lethargic and obese in the long run. That is precisely why body movement in your workspace is necessary. The first step in creating your movement schedule is to decide when to take breaks. Should you set a timer? Should you take a break after a certain amount of work? Or should you take a break whenever you want? In my opinion, none of these should be applied in your work environment as they can be unprofessional and risky. Let us take an example of the office you work in. You decide to take a break because you are just not in the mood or are too tired to work as you are sleep deprived of last night. You are roaming around the office to lighten up while chatting with your colleagues about random things. Your boss notices this and judges you as an unprofessional person. This could send a terrible impression affecting your job. In order to avoid this situation, and to maintain your break schedule, try taking a break after you have done an abundant amount of work. After your break, start with a new and fresh perspective. Creating a productive office layout will help you with your movement. Search for a stand-to-sit desk in your office because these kinds of desks let you work both ways, standing and sitting. With the help of these desks, you wouldn’t have to roam around the office to straighten up or stretch as you can complete your work while standing with the desk too. This would save your time and energy both while increasing the productivity levels simultaneously.

Make Space For Collaboration

Efficient office space must comprise space for collaboration. A business or company has the factor of teamwork behind its success and prosperity. Although, every company has the element of teamwork, don’t they? The problem doesn’t necessarily lie with an unsuccessful company’s employees. The problem lies in how you make the people collaborate in a workspace as a team. The first thing you need to do is search for a spacious room which isn’t frequently used in the office. Name the place as the conference room and send out a memo that it will be only used for team collaboration. Design the room in such a manner that it attracts your employees and makes them comfortable. Usage of soft coloured tone paints is recommended as it gives off an ambitious vibe. Put tables and chairs for people with back problems. Bean bags are also suggested if your team is full of young employees as it gives them a comfortable environment. Although installing a place reserved only for team management can be a little expensive in terms of money and resources. However, they can still afford the expenses by gathering more capital. This can be done if the owners start to write essays for money, as this kind of service pays off handsomely while relinquishing a small amount of resources.

The Psychology of Color

Colour has a significant impact on creating an environment, whether it’s comforting or discomforting and depressing or joyful. In order to create an efficient office space where employees are comfortable to work, one must make use of bright colours for attraction. Different colours have a different effect on the human psyche. Utilization of multi-colours is highly recommended in the office work designs as it affects the worker’s mentality on a subconscious level. A combination of green and blue colour implies a sense of calmness and relaxation, making it an ideal place to work.

Windows and Lighting

The lighting effect comes under the category of optimal productivity causes. Install as many windows as you can. Natural sunlight helps the workers stay fresh and maintain their tempo of working. The plants in your office are there to reduce workers anxiety and stress levels. So, lack of sunlight might malnutrition your plant eventually leading it to die. Also, installing windows on the walls can help you keep track of the time. For example, being too busy with your work can make you forget your date night.

Don’t Use Workspace For Storage

A cluttered workspace is a menace. Try to put the least amount of things on your a work desk as an untidy workplace can distract you from thinking straight for your work. This could result in wasting your mental energy. If you are a student and don’t have a lot of time for college assignments, you can use Perfectessay – quality help at affordable prices. 


Creating a productive office space is harder than it looks as every person has their unique definition of comfort. Still, if you are thinking of starting a company or a business, be sure to follow these tips mentioned above for generation of higher revenues and profits.

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