How To Apply Perfume

 It really is dreadful when someone walks past you, or worse, stands next to you, and they are seemingly soaked in perfume. You don’t want to be rude, but does their nose even work? It is so strong that what should be a seductive subtlety is an overwhelming and sickening scent.

 If you are a woman who has had bad experiences with other women over doing it in the fragrance department, you have probably been turned off for life. But don’t give up, your soft scent is waiting out there for only you to find. When people drench themselves in their favorite smell, it really can take over your personal space. An example of this is when Mika was in hospital after giving birth to her first child. Of course everyone wants to be sure that there new born baby is in the cleanest, healthiest and freshest environment possible. The rooms are not exactly large and there were four other women who had new-bourns also. Mika’s baby was only twelve hours old when a roommate decides to go to town with her cheap nasty perfume and spray it all over her cubicle. Of course, the rooms soon became a barrage of chocking women and Mika quickly took her baby out of their. She went to the midwife, demanded a room change for herself and her child, and could not believe the women had dared to make that decision for all of them. This is very bad perfume etiquette, and you must remember to remain considerate of those around you. As for Mika, she hasn’t been able to stand wearing any perfume since and says she never will. Pick a fragrance that is appropriate for the occasion, and remember subtle is usually best. Just because you prefer a strong fragrance doesn’t mean you have to put a lot on, and you often can’t smell it yourself because you are used to it. Others who come into contact with you will notice it much more as it’s not a smell they are used to. When you put your perfume on, don’t just go wild and splash it all over yourself, your clothes and accessories. Be discreet, placing a smidge behind your ear, the inside of your wrist or palm and each side of your neck. Because these are your main pulse points the fragrance is said to last much longer, so you don’t have to apply heaps thinking it will wear down. It is a myth that has been created by the movies about rubbing your wrists together and it is not the way proper procedure. Perfumes have layers to them, some are absorbed and some sit on the skin. Rubbing will ruin the desired affect and change the smell. Unless you sweat profusely, you should only have to apply your perfume once. Alternatively you can spray the air and walk into it, which gives a fine and minimal scent. If are a type of person who sweats a lot, apply another layer of perfume later on in the day. Don’t spray it directly onto anything precious as it will stain!

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