Google as a company is well-known for having all sorts of amazing office spaces which are light years beyond any cubicle-based office and every time they open a new area it’s interesting to see the design and aesthetic that was chosen for it

Google offices usually draw inspiration from their surroundings and rather than following a company-based theme they incorporate the local culture into their designs.
The geometry of salt’s molecular makeup has been the inspiration source for a lot of design elements present here
This, for example, is a 31,276 square foot amenity space added in 2019 to the Google HQ in Mountain View, California. It was a project developed in collaboration with studio Form4 Architecture and the theme chosen for it was salt. That’s because salt production used to be a prominent industry in this region back in 1854 and this entire space is a celebration of that.
This large corridor references the history of the region using symbolic materials such as plants, wood and metalA lot of dividing walls are partially see-through and have these amazing organic patterns and colors on them
There are a lot of interesting and ingenious references to this main theme throughout this entire area which encompasses 3 cafes, an al fresco dining area which can accommodate 216 people, a large fitness center with an outdoor exercise area, several meeting rooms, the Tech Talk auditorium which has 178 seats and also 50 electric vehicle charging stations.
Even the light fixtures are closely following the main theme of the space
Some of the most notable design features include a variety of beautiful ceiling installations that reference salt ponds, light fixtures inspired by the molecular composition of salt and also dividing walls and furniture arrangements that reference the theme in their own beautiful ways. This goes to show that any theme can look amazing when creative minds are at work, no matter how trivial it may seem.
All the spaces are very welcoming while staying true to the general design aestheticThe ceiling in this large open space has been decorated with a beautiful geometric installationNot everything is salt-themed as that would most definitely overwhelm the spacesThe floor in this casual cafe has a beautiful pattern which is a mix of different tiles with similar colorsThe fitness center maintains a slightly rugged look but also feel warm and invitingOn a larger scale, this entire project references the beautiful marriage between nature and industry in the modern world
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