Before I get onto "What a Week", thanks for all the comment yesterday and suggestion

s. I've already been to Australia and New Zealand with Miss Fishers Mysteries, Brokenwood and Dr Blake as they've been on terrestial TV here for ages so I've seen them . I'm saving Inspector Montalbano in Sicily for later as there are so many of them. Haven't heard of  Zen and Single Handed and had forgotten about The Killing. Lots of good ideas for later so thank you everyone
 Anyway as I was saying.........What a weird, stressful week................ and I won't go on about it anymore! (Except to say that Thursday I had the Equity Release hitch explained to me by the Estate Agent for the bungalow and now I understand what's going on and the reasons for the delay....she knew more than the solicitors, and the delay might not be as long as I feared)

On Tuesday  I pootled over to Debenham Leisure Centre for my Covid Vaccination. It was well organised  with volunteers everywhere pointing people in the right direction. Just a few minutes wait outside and then sitting in a cubicle inside and then 15 minutes afterwards to make sure there were no sudden side effects.  And there have been no side effects at all - no arm aches or fever or chills which some poor people have suffered. My 2nd vaccination is already booked for May 1st. Brother in Law Andrew who is 4 years younger than me had a surprise call to go the next day and he hasn't had problems so far either.

Other than the above I've not really done much this week - saw my two bubble grandchildren when DiL popped over with them for a change of scene and yesterday I delivered the wheelchair that we'd borrowed for Colin 4 years ago  back to his sister and husband. They are still shielding and thankful that this Brother in law has also had his first jab.

My task for the weekend will be to sort out what things to take with me for 4 weeks in a holiday home which includes unpacking a couple of boxes and a box of books......must have books. The forecast for today and tomorrow is for a couple of warmer days...... although it's so windy it's difficult to know if the temperature is really any higher. There's still snow in the ditches in some places.

Then next week I need to start phoning to cancel things for moving out - that will be fun - I don't think. 

 This week I'm grateful for Eventually understanding the reasons for the house purchase delay
Finding somewhere local to stay while I wait Good TV to take my mind off the above
 Have a good weekend

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