30 New-Agey Gifts Your Crystal-Obsessed Friends Will Love

There are people who are hard to shop for. Like my dad, who has the annoying habit of buying himself whatever he wants the second he wants it, pretty much slamming shut any window of opportunity for me to get in the middle of that process. This makes me immensely thankful for people in my life who are easy to shop for. I’m talking about anyone who has a brand. People who are prescient enough to conveniently encapsulate their interests inside their Instagram presence—people who have, essentially, won a life debt from anyone in their lives who’s been tasked with the societal duty to shower them with gifts every December. So when it comes to my astrology-obsessed, crystal-loving, witch friends—I know exactly what kind of new age gifts to get them. We love a good on-brand moment.

For instance, my friend Jane, who likes crystals, keeps me updated on upcoming retrogrades and is always able to field my requests for a refresher on what exactly is so bad about being a Gemini. If you don’t think that liking crystals makes someone easy to shop for, you haven’t been inside an Urban Outfitters in a while. I could kiss Jane for how easy she makes it to shop for her.

And my friend Maggie, for instance, loves Elvis, cats and all things slightly sp00ky—and there are about 15 boutique gift shops in Los Angeles alone that look like they manifested themselves directly from her Instagram feed. I could also kiss Maggie for how easy she makes it to shop for her.

New Age, or whatever you want to call it, is not just back—it’s fashionable. We can argue about the spiritual authenticity of a witchcraft kit purchased at Urban Outfitters, or what it means for authentic practitioners that Anthropologie sells magick candles now, but one thing is for sure: I have no dearth of options when it comes to shopping for Jane and slightly sp00ky-loving Maggie.

So if you’ve got a friend who’s considered moving to Sedona for the vortex benefits or has tried to convince you to get your birth chart interpreted, you can go ahead and take a seat—because I’ve got your shopping covered for this one.

Echo 'In The Cards' Silk Square $149

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Echo ‘In The Cards’ Silk Square

For your tarot-loving giftee who also appreciates a gorgeous silk scarf or two. Not only is the design truly stunning, the silk square is a generous 36″ by 36″, so you can wear it around your neck, over your head, or even as a top.

theastralboutique.com, $19

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Lavender Crystal Candle

This candle contains lavender and amethyst to calm, purify and give you more peaceful sleeps. It’s also just gorgeous—the purple coloring, associated with the third eye, is good for meditation, divination and spiritual protection. Score!

etsy.com, $15

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Smudge Kit

A kit complete with thorough instructions and an abalone shell to help your precious pal cleanse any space.

urbanoutfitters.com, $25

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The Cup Of Destiny Book + Teacup Set

A replica of an Edwardian fortune cup and an expert-written guide complete with over 200 symbols and signs will give your friend everything they need to start reading their own fortunes (and yours).

magicofi.com, $45

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The Magic of I Astrological Planner

From a personalized birth chart to sections for intention setting and even a menstrual tracker, this gorgeous planner comes equipped with all the tools a spiritual person needs to figure out their 2020.

etsy.com, $10

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Opalite Crystal Pyramid

Do I know what it’s for? Not really. Do I want one very, very badly? YES.

houseofintuitionla.com, $18

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Soulmate Magic Candle

“The heart wants what the heart wants,” this candle says at its base. Not only is this candle designed to attract the person your person’s been looking for, but it also boosts self-love as well.

etsy.com, $12

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Zodiac Embroidered Dad Hat

Not only is it cute and versatile, it also saves casual acquaintances from straining any muscles to ask, “What’s your sign?” like a cheap pickup line thrown out at every bar downtown.

lunarly.com, from $40

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Lunarly Subscription

Lunarly is a monthly subscription service that’ll send a box of surprises for your astrally inclined friend every new moon. Gifts can include anything from bath products, candles, essential oils, and even live plants. And each box is always different, so your pal can feel pampered and spoiled all year round.

etsy.com, $33

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Personalized Birth Chart Print

Give your friend the ability to explain to their roommate why it’s impossible for them to be expected to pay utilities on time by gesturing vaguely at The Chart. That’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

urbanoutfitters.com, $24

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Mini USB Moon Himalayan Salt Lamp

All of the soothing powers of a salt lamp combined with the CUTTING EDGE CONVENIENCE of USB technology!

waxbuffalo.com, $32

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Enneagram Candle

Give your friend the gift that says, “You sure are a type 4, and there’s nothing anybody can do to change that!”

etsy.com, $40

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Constellation Tarot

Give the gift of reflection and intention with this hand-painted deck of tarot cards.

urbanoutfitters.com, $17

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“How to Houseplant” by Heather Rodino

With your help, 2020 could be the year your friend who LOVES plants finally manages to keep one on this mortal plane for longer than a week.

houseofintuitionla.com, $8

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Protection Bath Bomb

Give your friend an extra dose of security with this magically charged bath bomb!

urbanoutfitters.com, $12

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Zodiac Pouch

Just a little reminder for your bud that the stars are always there for them.

anthropologie.com, $16

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The Mixology of Astrology

A book of cocktail recipes curated for each sign, so your Aries can be sure they’re drinking like an Aries.

etsy.com, $21

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Marimo Moss Ball Aquarium

This friendly little moss ball will bring life to the bleakest cubicle.

urbanoutfitters.com, $12

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Among The Flowers Calming Herbal Bath Tea

For the friend who can’t get enough of their herbal tea—now they can technically be tea.

moonjuice.com, $35

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Moon Juice Full Moon Dust Box

Equip your friend with this variety pack of super herb-based Moon Dust supplements so they can charge up their morning tea with Sex Dust or their evening brew with Dream Dust. Or vice versa. Or, maybe even both at the same time???


houseofintuitionla.com, $28

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Rose Quartz Crystal Body Polish

This scrub isn’t just great at exfoliating skin—it’s also activated with magic for extra self-love.


anthropologie.com, $45

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June and May Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are like the crystals of the air. (Don’t think about it too much.)

houseofintuitionla.com, $45

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I Am Loved Affirmation Candle

These candles are designed for self-love and even come with customized meditations—the perfect cure for a garbage year.




houseofintuitionla.com, $4

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Blessings Incense

You know what—I take it back. Incense is the crystal(s) of the air. End of discussion.





etsy.com, $10

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Crystal Child Patch

Give your crystal-loving friend this patch that they can iron onto one of the six denim jackets I would bet actual money they have hanging in their closet at this precise moment.

houseofintuitionla.com, $1

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Meditation Spell Candles

These little candles are perfect for intention setting, meditation, magic or just aesthetic.

urbanoutfitters.com, $29

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Moon in My Room Light

Give your friend the gift of a permanent personal full moon.


anthropologie.com, $44

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Crystal Pyramid Incense Set

Crystals, incense, pyramids—there’s a lot to love here.

houseofintuitionla.com, $8

buy it

Mermaid Tea Bath

Help your special pal relax like a mythical creature with this iridescent salt bath!

etsy.com, $22

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Rainbow Chakra Bracelet

With stones that represent the chakras plus volcanic rock beads that act as a diffuser for your pal’s essential oil of choice.


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