3 Small Space Apartment Interiors Under 50 Square Meters (540 Square Feet) With Layout

Three small space apartment layouts under 50 square meters (540 square feet), all with glass wall bedroom designs that offer up inspiration for different design features. Our first tour is a renovation of a small apartment space, with before and after floor plans shared at the end. The glass wall bedroom fills a nook by the window, behind an almost undetectable screen. Studio apartment number two makes a feature of its glass bedroom by framing it out in black, and colour coordinating its decor with the kitchen. The neutral bedroom in home three lays quietly behind elegant glass bifold doors; it also is the only one to incorporate an ensuite bathroom setup, which is set behind its own glass wall.

Designer: Sergey Zalozny  
Visualizer: Sergey Zalozny  

The first small studio apartment is located in Arcadia. Odessa. As the sleeping area has been positioned by the window, a glass dividing wall between the bedroom and the living room means that natural light can be shared between the two areas.

The modern sofa is a slimline design that allows it to be set well back in the small room, leaving the centre of the floor feeling more open and spacious. It also leaves just enough area for a home office placement at its side.

A soft grey rug defines the lounge area from the mini home office zone. There is a huge bookcase tucked behind the sofa that also serves the workspace with reference books.

Round coffee tables occupy the deep pile living room rug. A modern fruit bowl dresses the larger of the two.

Pale blue paintwork provides a restful hue across the lounge accent wall. A modern patterned throw makes an interesting final touch on the plain grey sofa.

The lounge area looks directly into the kitchen and dining area.

The contemporary lounge chair seated opposite the sofa is the Wegner lounge chair. Its small footprint leaves plenty of room to walk around it with ease.

Geometric kitchen tiles bring colour and pattern to the whole room. A mauve dining chair cushion matches the bed throw inside the glass wall bedroom.

At first glance this seems to be a one wall kitchen, but taller units and an integrated oven have been fit flush into the perpendicular wall.

A white hallway leads off the living room.

The wood and white round dining table is the Eksjo dining table. White and wood Eames style Eiffel chairs complement its finish. A white dining pendant light completes the smoothly curved ensemble.

A concrete planter makes a modern dining table centrepiece.

Inside the bedroom, a small floor lamp and a modern wall sconce light either side of the bed. A piece of modern wall art is mounted off centre to continue the asymmetrical aesthetic.

Wooden doors conceal plentiful closet space at the home entryway.

Sky blue geometric tiles and purple towels colour the bathroom.

A curvaceous vessel basin and a tall mirror are offset to one side of a wood effect bathroom vanity unit.

Grey bathroom storage cabinets and a slender stack of bathroom shelving fill one entire wall.

Floor plans of the apartment, before and after the renovation.

Designer: LIS design studio  
Visualizer: LIS design studio  

We go next to an apartment in Lviv, Ukraine, which measures in at 47 square metres. A black mid century modern chair and a beige sofa pair up on a round rug to form a minimalist living room.

Across the room, a light wood dining table set stands beside an unusual olive green kitchen. White wall cabinets keep the room looking bright.

A neat pendant light hangs low over the table in a matching shade. See more dining room pendant lights.

Wooden pegs protrude from the kitchen wall to make a wine storage tower.

Terrazzo tiles scatter a light pattern across the kitchen floor.

A minimalist home office area is set out next to the bedroom, where a black designer table lamp accessorises a light wood desk.

The decor inside the glass wall bedroom includes the same olive green colour as is featured in the kitchen.

Similar bedroom pendant lights hang on either side of the bed, though the shades are slightly different to take the look a little off-beat.

A unique bathroom sink makes a solo white accent inside an all yellow bathroom. A round vanity mirror echoes the shape of the vessel basin.

A floor to ceiling mirror makes the hallway look twice its length.

Apartment floor plan. Note how a run of cabinets create a new hallway.

Designer: M3 Architects  
Visualizer: M3 Architects  

Our third apartment, another from Odessa in Ukraine, is a 48 square metre home.

We enter via the kitchen, where three black kitchen bar stools line up along an island.

Directly adjacent to a wall of kitchen cabinets, glass bifold doors draw back to give entry to the bedroom. The lounge stretches out in front of the bedroom, where a glass coffee table complements the clear bedroom doors.

Decor inside the glass wall bedroom is neutral so that it falls quietly into the background of the living area.

An elongated headboard spans the whole bedroom wall. The finish of the platform bed perfectly matches the flooring.

The bathroom runs off the bedroom in an ensuite arrangement.

A cylindrical pedestal sink is matched by a yellow side table. The custom cut vanity mirror covers the entire bathroom wall, all the way down to the floor tiles.

Floor plan illustrating the glass wall bedroom with ensuite.

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3 Hospital Room Design Tips for Improved Health and Wellness

Follow these three hospital room design tips to bring your facility into a new era of holistic approaches to health and wellness.

Many hospitals are taking new approaches to interior design for patient rooms, lobbies, and exterior spaces. More and more studies are being done to look into the relationships between hospital design, patient outcomes, and clinician performance, and driving theories behind hospital room design are changing as a result. Follow these three hospital room design tips to bring your facility into a new era of holistic approaches to health and wellness.

1. Health and Sanitation are #1

Patient health is paramount when designing hospital facilities. After all, that is what these spaces are designed for! Cutting edge design is all well and good, but administrators must seriously consider what is best for patient health when making decisions about furniture, art, and flooring. Materials used for hospital room furniture must be easy to clean and sanitize, but they must also be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, many healthcare furniture manufacturers are moving away from traditional design and are making more ergonomic and modern pieces with the same easy-to-clean materials.

2. Consider the Needs of Patients, Clinicians, and Visitors

Patients, medical professionals, and visitors all have different needs. The key to designing a functional hospital room is to ensure that these needs can be met in a way that allows every party to coexist in the same space. One design strategy is to divide the room mentally into thirds: one third for visitors furthest from the door, one third for medical professionals closest to the door, and one third for patients in the middle. This allows visitors to feel at ease and not like they are interrupting the clinical process. Doctors, nurses, and therapists have the third closest to the door so that they can enter without interrupting for smaller tasks, and they can leave quickly to see to other patients if they must. Patients should have the middle space so that they can interact with both their guests and their clinicians.

3. Multifunctional Spaces and Furniture

Despite changes in design trends for hospitals, administrators are often limited by the same small spaces for hospital rooms. Since private rooms promote healing, designers must often work within these small areas to create a fully-functional yet not-overly-cluttered space. To this end, it is important to create multifunctional spaces within hospital rooms. For visitors especially, sofa beds or recliners can be used as both sitting and sleeping areas. Whiteboards can be put on walls to make use of the space in a way that encourages dialogue and communication during treatment. Movable and transformable desks for patients and clinicians can be adjusted and moved to serve their necessary functions and then be put away or used in another manner. Hospital furniture manufacturers are embracing this new wave of multifunctionality in furniture, and there are many great options available to help you create a hospital room that is optimized for healing.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Hospital Furniture and Design Needs

Are you ready to redesign your hospital rooms to further promote healing and wellness? Edwards & Hill can help you design and install the perfect designs for your medical facility. Edwards & Hill is a leading office, education, medical, and hospitality furniture provider with the high-quality design and installation services for any style or scale. If you are ready to get your hospital room design started, contact us online or give us a call at 301-317-4250. For more furniture design tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, and YouTube.




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