12 Best Adjustable Standing Desks to Try Now

Sitting down for work all day can do a number on your back, leave your shoulders feeling cramped and your butt sore. If you can’t escape for a walk on a regular basis, you still need to get your body moving throughout the day. An adjustable standing desk is an ideal way to remedy this problem. You can easily switch between sitting in an ergonomic office chair and standing to work. Better for your muscles and for your mind.

If you’re searching for a sit-stand desk, consider what size will best fit your space as there are so many designs from which to choose. If you already have a solid desk, you might want a workstation that can sit right on top of your existing desktop. If you need a full desk, you may want to choose one that has electric or crank legs to make position changes easy. If you like a separate keyboard tray or shelf for storing papers, not all adjustable desks come with one, and if you work in a cubicle, look for one designed just for your space.

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